Other Information


Average daytime temperature in Fukuoka area in October is around 23 degree Celsius (73.4 degree Fahrenheit), and average nighttime temperature is around 14.7 degree Celsius (58.46 degree Fahrenheit). You might feel a bit chilly outside of the building in the early morning or in the evening.
For those who participate in the excursion to Mt. Aso in Kumamoto on October 20 (Sat), we would recommend bringing a rain jacket to prepare for sudden weather changes. Average daytime temperature of the mountain area in Kumamoto is around 15.4 degree Celsius (59.72 degree Fahrenheit) and average nighttime temperature is 8.6 degree Celsius (47.5 degree Fahrenheit).


The participants will be asked to submit a food allergy/restriction questionnaire* to the organizer before the school begins. For those who are allergic to some ingredients, ingredient sheets (for breakfast, lunch, supper etc.) may be displayed. Further information will be posted on the website later.
* The food allergy/restriction questionnaire will be sent to each participant later.