The fee for attending the School will be Yen 100,000 per student, and will cover tuition, board and lodging from dinner on 14 October to breakfast on 27 October 2012, as well as refreshments during the morning and afternoon breaks, in addition to excursions and some social activities. The fee does not include travel expenses from participants’ home institutes to Fukuoka and back, visa fees (where required) or the cost of insurance covering illness and accidents that is required for all participants. Details of the arrangements for payment of the fees will be announced to selected participants in due course.
Wherever possible participants are expected to obtain funding for the fee as well as their travel from their home countries. However, some sponsorship will be available for a limited number of students from countries with developing programmes in particle physics. Eligible students are therefore encouraged to apply even if they do not expect to obtain funding from their home institute to attend the School.

Application Form